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Everything You Need To Feel Calm, Safe And Secure While Facing The Coronavirus Pandemic
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From These Amazing Health Experts

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

 Solutions That Actually Work To Boost Your Immunity Through Nutrition And Gut Health 
 Finding Ways To Be Productive, Resilient And Calm In A New Reality 

Christine Schaffner

 What You Need To Know About The Virus And Your Brain Health 

Dr. Mary Clifton

 The Truth About Supplements, Your Immunity And Viral Infections 

Dr. Mariza Snyder

 Dealing With Stress And Heavy Emotions Surrounding The Pandemic 

Donna Gates

 Using Fermented Foods And Other Nutritional Hacks To Protect You From Viral Infections 

Jodi Cohen

 Essential Oils For Pandemic Survival 

Dr. Elisa Song

 Protecting Kids Who Have Chronic Health Conditions 

Dr. Tom Moorcroft

 The Basics Of Transmission And Incubation Of This Virus 

Wendy Myers

 How To Protect Yourself From EMF While Working From Home And Moving Around Your Community 

Mary Morrissey

 Re-invent And Transform Yourself During A Time Of Crisis 

Marisol Teijeiro

 Turning On Your Natural "Killer Cells" to Fight Viral Infection 

Debbye Canon

 Sensible And Practical Prepping For Any Situation 

Dr. Brian Mowll

 The Hidden Dangers of Blood Sugar And Immunity 

Isa Herrera

 Be Productive And Calm During Times Of High Levels Of Stress And Anxiety 

Suzie Senk

 The Secret To Get Great Sleep For Mental Clarity 

George Shepherd

 How To Prepare For A Pandemic Without Going Off The Deep End 

Dr.Partha Nandi

 How To Self-quarantine Without Losing Your Connection To Friends And Family 

John Ayo

 How To Travel Safely Without Worry 

Connie Albers 

 Protect Your Aging Parents From Getting The Virus And Dying 

Jenny Layton

 How To Maintain Normalcy And Reclaim Control Over Your Life 

Patrick Kirby

 The Secret To Maintaining And Growing Your Business During Crisis 

Jackie Flynn 

 How To Talk To Your Kids About The Pandemic Without Causing Ptsd Or Trauma 

Tammy Guns

 Telemedicine: The Healthcare Pivot That Will Improve The Quality And Availability Of Healthcare For Years To Come  

Dr. Sarah Rattray

 How To Have Calm And Safe Communications With Loved Ones 

Phaedra Antioco

 Release And Avoid Chronic Pain Due To The Effects Of Trauma 

Dr. Tiffany Caplan

 What To Do If You Have An Underlying Condition 

Debby Ward

 Start An Organic Container Garden Without Leaving Home 

Jacob Paulsen

 Critical Training: Firearms And Firearm Safety 

Jack Tips

 How To Recover From The Coronavirus After Infection 

Jerry Linenger

Rise Above The Pandemic: Lessons Learned From 123 Days In Space 

Dr. Richard B. Gasaway

 Situational Awareness & What It Means 

Dr. Kristina Hallett

 Diffusing Confrontations With Unreasonable People 

Karen Bonnell

 Co-parenting During A Pandemic 

Mark J. Lindquist

 New Business Opportunities And Side Hustles To Make Extra Money Or Change Careers 

Amanda Fata

The Efficacy of CBD And Carving Out A Place In The Side-Gig Economy

Jeff Anderson

 How To Defend Yourself Against Theft, Burglary And Desperate People 

Susan Brady

 What Types Of Foods You Should You Stock Up On For Emergencies 

Ellie Savoy

 5 P’s To Create A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle No Matter What Happens 

Dr. Debi Silber

 Dealing With Betrayal & Managing Additional Stressors Like The Virus; Being Quarantined With Your Betrayer 

Garrett Gunderson

 How To Double Your Net Worth During A Pandemic 

Dr. Maya Shetreat

 Ny Times Best Seller: When And How To Use Antiviral Herbal Therapies  

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

 The 90 Second Cure To Anxiety 

Keith and Michelle Norris

 Keeping Yourself Physically Fit And Mentally Prepared While Quarantined 

Ramona Zabriskie

 How Your Marriage Can Survive And Thrive In A Pandemic 

Jennifer de St Georges 

 Working Remotely From Home….Tools, Tips & Techniques to Maximize Efficiency & Limit Frustrations 

Dr. Norm Robillard

 How To Reduce The Risk From The Virus: Link Between Systemic And Digestive Health 

Lea Woodford

 Pivot Instead Of Panic 

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

 Using Superfoods To Boost Your Immunity 

Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Science Of Staying Connected And Managing Stress

Debbye Cannon

5 Keys to Successfully Schooling Your Children At Home

Dr. Sheila Kilbane

Keeping Your Family Safe From Viral Exposure
We've Left Nothing Out of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
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Meet Your Summit Host - Dr. Mary Clifton

Dr. Mary Clifton is an Internal Medicine doctor in New York City, with 20 years of experience in both the hospital and private practice. She is also licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide medical marijuana and is a recognized expert in CBD, Cannabis, and Medical Marijuana.

She is a published researcher, national speaker on women’s health and osteoporosis, and author of four books. A leading voice in telemedicine, Dr. Mary is helping bridge the gap in healthcare availability and affordable lab testing for long-term wellness.

She has a special interest in innovation in health care delivery and patient empowerment.

ADDED BONUS! 18   Preparedness Training Sessions
Get An Additional 18  Sessions From The Survival Summit That Will Teach You How To Survive No Matter How Bad Things May Get!
(A $97 Value - Yours FREE Today!)
Les Stroud
The Reality of Surviving On Your Own
Les Stroud is a documentary film maker and survivalist. Best known for is Survivorman TV series, Les was the first to wander into the woods with nothing more than a camera to capture what it is really like to live off the grid in a survival situation. Les shares with us from his vast knowledge and personal experience.
Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
Treating Wounds & Trauma - Building a Survival Medical Plan Part 1
Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy cover identifying and treating trauma victims, fractures and any wounds they have received. You'll learn what tools you need to get now and how to build a survival medical kit. Techniques and methods discussed are intended to be used by trained individuals as a last resort under dire circumstances.
Mike Adams
How to Prep Now For Long Term Infrastructure Collapse
Learn what supplies to avoid, what every prepper needs to know about stockpiling medicines, how to create a sustainable preparedness plan that is healthy, how to avoid food and stockpile confiscations, surviving in a FEMA camp or detention facility, Superbugs and more.
Joseph Banister
Dealing With Federal Agents in Desperate Times
Joe was a gun carrying Federal agent with the IRS until he uncovered some shocking truth and was asked to leave the agency. He shares with us the training and tactics of the Federal agents you may encounter even today, how to know the good guys from the bad and how to handle detainment or arrest. You must listen to this one!
Bill Cortright
How to Manage Your Stress Response
Bill is an Internationally known speak and best selling author on stress and how it affects your body and mind. Stress can cause you to make bad decisions, hinder your focus, dull your precision and force your body to fail you when you need it the most. Learn how to combat an enemy you can't see but is always with you.
Chad Hudspeth
Aquaponics and Endless Food Systemsn
Chad shares his insight, knowledge and experience owning and operating various types of aquaponics systems. Aquaponics systems are a unique new way of growing a healthy garden full of vegetables, while simultaneously raising fish. This method of cultivating crops and maintaining a healthy source of edible fish, truly provides one with an endless supply of food. 
Lisa Bedford
Family Survival & Preparedness
Lisa aka the "Survival Mom" shares her perspective and systems on training family for survival situations. Everyone has a role to play and anyone with a family needs to listen to this valuable training.
Scott Peterson
Growing Food in Cold Weather and Indoors
Scott shared his experience on how to grow food in cold weather conditions, indoors and outside. He explains the importance of learning how to grow a garden and gives some helpful hints on how and where to get started. Starvation is a wicked thing... don't let it take you!
Max Wright
Bitcoin, Preppers & The Collapse
Max explains the need to protect your finances in a currency that will not be destroyed when the world's financial markets collapse. Bitcoin is only one of several crytocurrencies that have been created to preserve wealth. Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about Bitcoin and why you need them now... including how to profit from the impending collapse of the world's fiat currency market.
Glenn Meder
How to Make Water Safe to Drink
Purification is much more complex than running water through a sock in the bush. You'll learn what water sources are the most deadly, how to identify contaminated water, fortifying your survival water plan even on the road and more.
Mike Lee Kanarek
Life or Death Survival Fighting
Many people believe they know what it takes to survive a real-life encounter that is split-second and deadly. Mike shares his Israeli combat experience and stuff that no other survival instructor is teaching. In real world combat, you need to be prepared to handle ANY situation!  (Note: Not for minors.)
Dave Canterbury
Bushcraft Survival Tactics
Dave Canterbury is co-owner and instructor of Pathfinder School LLC. Several of the guests participating in this seminar have praised Dave as someone they recommend learning from. In this interview Dave pulls no punches in explaining the true nature of survival. Dave is considered a master of self-reliance skills and explains the importance of not only learning valuable skills, but also the importance of learning and using your equipment before you ever need to in order to survive.
Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
Diagnosing Illnesses - Building a Survival Medical Plan Part 2
Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy cover learning what signs and symptoms to look for to help identify serious conditions that may be hidden. Further discussion describes medical instruments, equipment and training to consider including in your off-grid medical kit. The opinions and suggestions offered by Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy are specifically intended for post-apocalyptic settings ONLY! Seek professional medical assistance during conventional times.
Jeff Anderson
Bugging Out The Right Way
Jeff Anderson uses his military recon experience to help you plan for bugging out should you be forced to leave your safe haven . Knowing the signs and how to make the decision to leave is key. You'll learn EXACTLY what you need to take with you and how to prepare now... Even how to evade authorities in martial law.
Billy Beck III
Don't Be a Victim
The world's best trainer, Billy Beck coaches professional athletes and celebrities alike. The art of self-mastery is the greatest gift you can possess. Release yourself from the comfort of the status quo and leave the world of the "Victim". Discover How to Live Life at the Next Level.
Kellie Nightlinger
Surviving Naked but Not Afraid!
Kellie Nightlinger developed an interest in the great outdoors and survival concepts at a very early age, while living in Michigan. Kellie shares with us why it is important to learn survival skills, as well as suggestions on how and where to start. She owns and operates Angels Among Us, which offer survival related courses to troubled youth. Kellie strives to be, and is considered by many, to be a role model for women in the survival world.
Byron @ Survival Frog
Gear You Need Before the Collapse
Byron is the mastermind behind Survival Frog, the world's largest online survival gear retailer. He shares with us tips on saving the most when stocking up on supplies and buying the gear you need now. He also give you a peek behind the curtain to learn the top 10 gear items you need to get immediately before supplies run out.
Lucinda Bailey
GMO Concerns and Saving Seed
Lucinda explains the difference between GMO, Hybrid & Heirloom seeds, as well as offers suggestions based on her vast knowledge in the industry, of what type of seeds to consider including in your personal seed banks. She also mentions developing a formula for building a sustainable seed bank
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